After His Girlfriend Ruined All Of His Nonstick Pans, He Bought Her Cast Iron Ones To Use, And Now She’s Accusing Him Of Being Cheap

elnariz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For many people who love cooking, myself included, kitchen supplies and appliances are sacred. Some love to invest in nice kitchen items, like stand mixers or high-end pots and pans, to make cooking even more enjoyable. When someone breaks one of those investments or messes it up, it’s terrible. 

A man’s girlfriend recently destroyed all of his high-quality, nonstick pans and got mad after he made her start using something else to cook with. 

His girlfriend is 26-years-old and never learned how to cook.

“She can reheat food and make spaghetti,” he explained. But anything more complicated, like a fried egg, is hard for her.”

He had a collection of Teflon nonstick pans that he only used silicone rubber utensils with. For those who may not know, metal utensils should never come into contact with a non-stick pan, as they can scratch off and chip the pan’s coating. This makes them unusable since humans should not consume the Teflon that coats the pans. 

However, his girlfriend never used the rubber utensils on the pans, even after he showed her how to cook with them.

Instead, she still used metal spatulas and forks while cooking with them and ruined the pans within two weeks. 

Everything she cooked began sticking to the pans after she wrecked them, even something as simple as a grilled cheese. 

Then, instead of apologizing for what she had done and offering to buy new pans, she expected him to replace them. 

elnariz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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