Her Sister Expects Her To Make Her Lavish Wedding Less Extra So Her Wedding Won’t Look Bad In Comparison

cherry_d - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman is getting married in July of this year, and her sister Ash is having her wedding just a month earlier than she is.

She and Ash never intended to be walking down the aisle so soon after one another; the dates just happened.

Although she was proposed to first, Ash’s husband-to-be is part of the military, so if they don’t get married within a certain amount of time, they’re going to have to wait quite a while.

Ash clearly preferred getting married sooner as opposed to later, so that explains the month difference in their wedding dates.

Now, she and Ash were on the lower end of the middle class growing up, and her mom and dad just gave Ash $1,000 to put towards her wedding.

She knows that a grand doesn’t do much by way of weddings, especially considering the fact that their guest lists are going to be quite long.

Their family is quite large, and they also have loads of friends that are coming to their weddings.

“Ash is doing everything she can to be thrifty and will end up having around 70 adult guests at her wedding,” she explained.

“She wishes it could be more and with kids, but due to budget cuts had to be made. My fiancée Julie is from a very well-off family, and with her being their only daughter, they are being extremely generous with the wedding budget.”

cherry_d – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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