Her Sister’s Husband Died 6 Years Ago, So Her Sister Is Worried That Attending Her Wedding Will Trigger The Trauma, But She Thinks Her Sister Is Just Being Selfish For Wanting To Skip The Event

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This 25-year-old woman is about to celebrate a massive milestone– she is getting married to her fiancé, who is 28-years-old.

And amidst all of the wedding planning, she and her fiancé finally nailed down the entire guest list. But, one person unexpectedly rejected their wedding invitation.

Apparently, her 25-year-old sister– who is her Irish twin– has refused to attend the event. Her sister claimed that being at the wedding would just be too much and would trigger her trauma.

Now, for context, her sister actually tied the knot about six years ago. But, just 10 days after her sister said, “I do,” her sister’s husband tragically passed away.

So, her sister now believes that attending her wedding will only trigger all of those memories– making the event simply too much to bear emotionally.

Perhaps shockingly, though, she is not very empathetic regarding her sister’s perspective.

“[My sister] knew her husband would die soon after their wedding because he had late-stage cancer– and that was the only reason they even got married,” she explained.

On top of that, she claims that since her brother-in-law’s death was six years ago, her sister “should not be so traumatized” to the point where avoiding “any and all weddings” is necessary. She even feels like that should be especially true about her wedding, too.

She also came clean and admitted how she honestly feels as though her sister’s “trauma thing” is just an excuse not to attend her wedding.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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