His Fiancée Took Her Daughters Out To Eat One Night And Excluded His Daughter From Going With Them, But His Fiancée Doesn’t See How It Was Hurtful

kite_rin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy is currently engaged to his fiancée, and they have been with one another for close to 4 years now.

His fiancée has 2 daughters from a previous relationship, and her girls are 12 and 15. His fiancée has a super bizarre custody agreement with her ex where she gets her daughters only for 6 months out of the year.

So from January through June, his fiancée has her kids, and then from June on, her kids go to her ex’s place.

Last fall, his fiancée moved into his house, which he shares with his 10-year-old daughter named Charlie.

“For the record, up until recently, she has been an amazing mother figure to Charlie,” he explained.

“Our first issue was back in November as we discussed bedroom arrangements. She felt her eldest should have a room of her own while living here 6 months out of the year.”

“That would cause Charlie to bunk with her youngest. I, however, did not allow it because that would encroach Charlie and likely cause her to feel alienated in her own home.”

One weekend ago, they had a pretty big argument again surrounding their girls. That weekend, he was asked to work a 12-hour long shift, and he agreed.

When he came home from work that night, he found Charlie upset because his fiancée had taken her daughters out somewhere to eat and excluded Charlie.

kite_rin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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