In 1991, This Louisiana Man Went To Buy A Gallon Of Milk And Vanished, Leaving His Three Daughters Searching For Answers To This Day

“Had I known A.J. had been missing, he would’ve been found then because I knew who he was,” he said.

Houma Police Department Detective Troy Naquin received another call from a different witness who recalled a similar sighting. The witness claimed to have seen A.J. in a vehicle with three gentlemen traveling along a rural route approximately eight miles out of town.

The witness reportedly waved to A.J. after spotting the 50-year-old. However, A.J. did not wave back– which was very uncharacteristic of him.

Nonetheless, the witness did not know the 50-year-old had been missing at the time. So, he did not think anything of the odd interaction.

Now, even though neither of these leads led to any substantial clues, A.J.’s daughter Melissa believed the witnesses’ statements.

“It makes me think that somebody definitely knows something,” she admitted.

“If both of these gentlemen who know him from a good while back, one a lot longer than the other, have seen him, we know that they know what he looks like, and they both saw him in the same color car with three men in it. I am pretty much convinced that somebody, somewhere, knows something.”

Then, two weeks after those sightings were reported, a handwritten note was delivered to the police station. It contained a chilling message.

“A.J. Breaux. He was drunk at the time. Self-inflicted gunshot wound. Stomach. Drawstring cotton sack. Put in by a friend. Rolled over steep grassy Bayou bank. Near dam,’ the note read. It was also signed with the name “Helene.”

Upon receiving this note, Detective Naquin realized that the description matched a nearby region. So, the sheriff’s office water patrol units were called in. Authorities ultimately dredged both sides of the dam three separate times. Unfortunately, though, no evidence was ever found.

Finally, four weeks following A.J.’s disappearance, a resident named Christy Boudreaux claimed to have been approached by a seemingly homeless man while she was sitting on her front porch in Lockport, Louisiana.

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