In 2019, This 25-Year-Old Husband And Father Disappeared After Sending A Cryptic Text Message To His Aunt

Facebook - pictured above is Chance

Chance Leslie Englebert grew up in Edgemont, South Dakota, and was known by his mother as “a good, shy, hardworking, and smart kid.” Throughout his teen years, he competed in rodeo competitions while attending high school.

Then, following high school graduation, Chance enrolled at Laramie County Community College located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While there, he studied diesel mechanics and welding.

By the time Chance was 25-years-old in 2019, he had already become a husband and father of a baby boy. That year, he also accepted a new job offer in Moorcroft, Wyoming.

Following a family gathering on July 6, 2019, though, Chance vanished– and his family has been left searching for answers.

That Saturday, Chance and his wife, Baylee, headed out to Gering, Nebraska, in order to visit Baylee’s grandparents. Upon arrival, Chance also decided to go golfing with some of his in-laws.

Shortly afterward, though, Baylee received a call from her husband– who was still on the course. He detailed how he had gotten into an argument with his golf mates and wanted Baylee to pick him up and drive him back home to Wyoming.

The 25-year-old did get a ride from his wife; however, she ultimately drove back to her grandparent’s home instead.

This frustrated Chance, and after he became upset, he opted to go on a walk to cool off. According to Baylee, this was not uncharacteristic of her husband.

After Chance began his walk and exited his wife’s view, though, Baylee set out looking for him. The spouses did speak on the phone at about 7:46 p.m., during which Chance claimed he was walking south.

Facebook – pictured above is Chance

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