She’s Been Wearing Her Husband’s Clothes Instead Of Buying New Maternity Clothes For Herself, And Her Sister-In-Law Has A Major Problem With This

spaskov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently 26 weeks into her pregnancy, and now, her clothes just don’t fit her anymore.

She already has a toddler with her husband, and this is her second time being pregnant. During her first pregnancy, she went out and purchased a bunch of maternity clothing, but then she wound up donating all her outfits to one of her friends.

This friend of hers is pregnant and struggling financially, so she figured her friend could use her clothes more than she can.

“I was going to buy more maternity clothes when I needed them, but I’ve started wearing my husband’s clothes, and I find them a lot more comfortable it’s not like I’m going to work every day, so I’ve decided not to,” she explained.

Her husband’s clothes are really nice, and she mostly wears his sweaters or different shirts of his.

She can afford to go out and purchase new maternity clothing for herself, but she just doesn’t see the point in doing this since she likes wearing her husband’s stuff instead.

Her husband doesn’t think it’s a problem that she wants to wear his clothing constantly, but there’s someone else in his family that finds this problematic.

She has gone to dinner two different times with her in-laws while wearing her husband’s clothing, and although they have never said anything to her face at dinner, her sister-in-law had something to say after the fact.

“…My sister-in-law told my husband to ask me to wear something more suitable the next time as her parents would be there,” she said.

spaskov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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