The Guinness World Records Has Found The Oldest Living Dog Ever Recorded, And He’s A Surprising 30-Years-Old

Photo Art - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Listen up, dog lovers! There has been a major update in dog history that any animal lover should know about. 

The Guinness World Records has officially found the oldest dog to ever live! At 30 years and a whopping 268 days old, Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo, was given the title earlier this month. 

Before Bobi was named the oldest living dog, the pup that held the title before him for about a month was the little tiny, white chihuahua named Spike from Ohio, who is “at least” 23-years-old. Let’s get these two pups on a playdate!

Not only does Bobi look like a sweet, cuddly guy, but he also has the most heartwarming story. His owner is Leonel Costa, who lives with him in Conqueiros, a small village in Portugal. 

Leonel was only eight years old when Bobi’s mother gave birth to him and his siblings in their family woodshed in 1992.

Leonel’s father was a hunter and said that the family was already in charge of too many animals when the puppies were born and said they could not keep them.

Instead of trying to find them homes, some people during those times would bury animals in a hole if they could not support them. 

The day after Bobi and his siblings were born. Leonel’s father gathered up all the puppies while Bobi’s mom, Gira, was out of the shed.

Leonel and his brother were heartbroken about the puppies. However, they noticed that Gira was still frequently visiting the woodshed she gave birth in. 

Photo Art – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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