The Puzzling Disappearance Of Glen And Bessie Hyde: A Couple Who Set Out To Make History In The Grand Canyon

Emery was also an avid boat rider who knew about the river’s sometimes-turbulent nature first-hand. At one point, he reportedly noticed that the Hydes did not have lifejackets and pointed it out to Glen and Bessie.

Glen took Emery’s concern lightly, though, and just laughed the comment off. He also claimed that he and Bessie had made it halfway through their trip without a problem thus far.

Now, in later reports, Emery revealed that Bessie had been acting strange. Apparently, the newlywed had appeared hesitant to get back out on the water– either from exhaustion or anxiety about the rapids ahead.

Glen may have encouraged Bessie to keep forging along. After all, they had already traveled so far, and history would not be made if they finished their trip early.

So, Bessie ultimately agreed to keep going. But, she reportedly made an eerie comment to Emery before getting back on the scow.

“I wonder if I shall ever wear pretty shoes again,” Bessie said, referencing Emery’s daughter’s outfit.

One of Emery’s friends, Adolph G. Sutro, was also a photographer who opted to join Glen and Bessie for numerous miles. Then, Adolph and the newlyweds decided to split up at a turbulent locale known as Hermit Rapid. This was the last place both Glen and Bessie were ever seen alive.

The Disappearance Of Glen And Bessie Hyde

Glen and Bessie were last seen on November 18, 1928. Then, after no one heard from or saw the couple again, a two-week rescue effort ensued.

The search was fruitless for a while until a plane traveling over the Grand Canyon spotted a small boat floating down the Colorado River. The boat was about 140 miles from where the newlyweds were last spotted. And, flooded with hope, a rescue group on the ground traveled to check out the scene.

There, Glen and Bessie’s scow was discovered in perfect condition. It was still upright and loaded with supplies. Bizarrely, though, the newlyweds were nowhere to be found.

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