You Can Take A Class All About Wine At This Florida University

Robert Kneschke - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

How lovely does it sound to be able to sip and taste different wines…during one of your college lecture classes?

Well, you can at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyers, Florida! Students studying at their School of Resort and Hospitality can take the Wine Merchandising, Tasting, and Technology course. And it’s available to all majors!

The 3 credit course is designed to not only teach students about different kinds of wine but how to tell them apart by grape varietal and region, how to pair them with certain foods, and how the wine industry plays a part in hospitality.

“I want wine to be for everyone,” course professor Catherine Curtis told Inside Edition. “I don’t want anyone to be afraid because if you can taste anything, then you can taste wine.”

Have you ever struggled to describe how a wine tastes in a way that doesn’t sound immature? Professor Curtis explains that often what you think you taste in a wine is right, but it’s all about learning how to “phrase it properly.”

By the end of the course, the syllabus states that students should be able to come up with a wine program that is fit for a hotel, club, or resort. As exciting as that is, some students may argue that the best part of the course is the actual wine tasting.

Students get to sample at least two different wines from different regions in every class. They vary from Sauvignon Blancs, to Pinot Noirs!

“I think it’s really great to expand your mind and be able to perceive things in ways that you haven’t before,” student Hailey Condon told Inside Edition.

Hailey also mentions that the class helps encourage students to embrace different opinions, as, in the course, they often compare their notes on each type of wine’s taste and smell.

Robert Kneschke – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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