10 House Plants You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Kill

Dasha Petrenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a notorious plant killer, it may not be your lack of a green thumb that’s causing so many deaths. It could be your choice of plants. So if you want to be a parent to a thriving plant, avoid these.

Here are ten houseplants that you’ll always end up killing.


Poinsettias are great for short-term decoration during the holiday season, but after that, it’s hard to keep them alive. Once the leaves wilt and lose their color, they’re pretty much done for.

Many people don’t feel so bad about killing poinsettias because you can always buy another one next year. There are plenty of them in store when Christmas comes around.

Norfolk Island Pine

These pines work well as mini Christmas trees, but just like the poinsettia, they tend to die after Christmas.

Although they’re similar to the standard pine tree, the care of a Norfolk pine differs from what people are used to, which may account for their early deaths.

This tree is actually a tropical plant and can’t tolerate cold temperatures. If a Norfolk pine survives inside your house, it can grow up to twenty feet tall.

Dasha Petrenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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