10 House Plants You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Kill

Moth Orchid

Orchids are finicky plants that attract a lot of buyers because of their vibrant colors. They bloom for a few months after you buy them, but soon you’ll see nothing but leaves.

Because of their beauty and brightly colored petals, it can be hard to see them go.

Many people fail to stick to a strict watering schedule when it comes to orchids. These blooms often die due to overwatering. Orchids should be watered only once a week.


Rosemary is normally grown outdoors, so most of the time, it won’t do so well in your indoor herb container, especially if you don’t have sunny rooms.

Finding the balance between a well-hydrated and overwatered rosemary plant is almost impossible.

English Ivy

English ivy has a reputation for being tough to maintain indoors, but once you bring it outside, it’ll start thriving. It doesn’t like dry, stale air, so it’s best to let it stay out where it belongs.

Maidenhair Fern

If you don’t get the fern’s growing conditions exactly right, you’ll be watching your plant’s life wither away day by day.

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