5 Incredible Flowers You Need To Add To Your Garden This Year

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Great gardens need flowers that are beautiful, vibrant, fragrant, and attractive to pollinators. And these five flowers check all the boxes. So pick at least one of them to add to your garden this year. You and your garden will thank you for it.


Roses come in all different shades, unlike some flowers. With roses, you can choose your favorite color to brighten up your garden.

They are also the most sought-after flower. Known as the symbol of love, they’re gifted to wives, girlfriends, and mothers on every major occasion. If you grow them in your garden, you can create an entire bouquet for free.

Furthermore, if you have roses, you can use the perfumed petals in your bath. Who hasn’t dreamed of soaking in a tub filled with silky rose petals? Now that’s the picture of luxury!

Sweet Pea

So, this flower is not to be confused with the round green peas that we eat, although they are in the same family. No part of the sweet pea flower is edible.

The sweet pea is a climber and will give your garden a cool look if you let the vines wrap around a fence or wall. Plus, they’re easy to grow and smell amazing.

They thrive in colder climates, so they’re the perfect addition to your garden if you live somewhere that snows. Sweet peas will bloom until the first freeze.

e_polischuk – – illustrative purposes only

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