Do You Need A Sleep Divorce? Here’s Why More Couples Are Choosing To Sleep Separately And Save Their Relationships

More specifically, if you enjoy the connection and feelings of closeness you experience with your partner while sleeping together, this may decrease if you take a separate bed.

Sharing a bed with your partner is ultimately a bonding experience, and sleeping apart may make it more challenging to connect on a physical and emotional level.

Communication opportunities may also decrease between you and your partner. For some busy couples, chatting in bed is really the only time they get to connect, reflect on their day, and discuss any issues or challenges. So, sleeping separately may make it more difficult to engage in these conversations.

How To Break The Ice Without Hurting Your Relationship

With all of this being said, there are plenty of ways to sleep separately without sacrificing connection and intimacy. This may just require an extra bit of effort and scheduling to block out other times for conversation and romance.

And if you feel like sleeping separately would really benefit your health and your relationship, it is best to be upfront.

Have an honest conversation with your partner to discuss your concerns and why sleeping alone might be best for you. Refrain from playing the blame game, and remember to emphasize the upsides.

You can also propose suggestions on how to mitigate other associated downsides. For instance, adding an extra date night to your weekly routine to prioritize romance or developing a new bedtime routine together to connect before heading your separate ways and hitting the sack.

Just remember to be open-minded and receptive to your partner’s feedback, and you both will be able to figure out a solution together.

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