He Recently Suffered From A Traumatic Brain Injury, And His Girlfriend Got Upset With Him Because He Could Not Recognize Her

“I was honestly hurt that she was upset with me over a medical condition that I recently acquired and am struggling with.”

His life has turned upside down due to this injury, and seeing his girlfriend so angry at him for something he has no control over has caused him a lot of emotional pain. On top of everything else he’s been dealing with, this issue has been very overwhelming. 

He’s sure that if she read the articles he had sent her or truly absorbed all of the information he had given her about his condition, she would’ve understood that his inability to recognize her physically has nothing to do with how much he cares for her.

She feels that he owes him an apology, but he refuses to give her one.

Do you think he has any chance of reasoning with her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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