He Threw A Party For March Madness, But When His Friend Showed Up With His Girlfriend In Jerseys Supporting The Opposing Team, He Made Them Leave

Monkey Business - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This guy has a bar in his basement, so when his college team made it into the NCAA tournament, he decided to throw a party and invite all of his friends.

It’s pretty special that his college team made it into the tournament, as that isn’t a common occurrence at all.

Now, he has about 12 friends that he’s the closest to, so he invited all of these friends to his party, and he also allowed them to bring their spouses and kids too.

He and these 12 friends of his all went to the same college, and about half of them even have season tickets for their college’s basketball team, so you can see how full of passion they are.

Anyway, one of his friends mentioned he wanted to bring his new girlfriend to the party, and he had never met this girl before, but he had no problem with her coming along.

“When I host watch parties, they are social events, but we all intently watch and cheer on our school,” he explained.

“Everyone shows up early, we are all eating, drinking, and watching all the other games. My buddy shows up with his girlfriend, but they are both wearing our opponent’s clothes.”

“It’s a what…moment for many of my friends and me. 1, our buddy went to school with us; 2, he should know better than to bring people rooting for our opponent around at an event like this.”

He instantly demanded to know what his friend was doing by showing up to his party in the wrong jersey.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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