Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Eggshells That You Probably Have Not Thought About Before

So that’s where you can come in. Before scattering the shells outside, rinse them off, then bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for ten minutes. Afterward, crush them up. Enjoy the activity of happy, chirping birds in your yard and watch them feast!

Number three: clean pots and pans. Although we may think of eggshells as fragile, they work surprisingly well as an abrasive cleaner for your dirty dishes.

They can even remove tea and coffee stains from mugs. Crush the eggshells, mix them with soapy water, and scrub away at the grime. For stains, let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning, dump it out for a stain-free mug!

Number four: make bone broth. Adding eggshells to broth provides a fantastic source of calcium, strengthening your bones and boosting your immune system all at once.

Eggshells also contain collagen, and collagen is a major component of your skin. So if you want glowing, hydrated skin, sip on some bone broth!

Number five: make sidewalk chalk. Combine eggshell powder with flour, water, and food coloring to produce sturdy and vibrant sticks of chalk. They’re just as good as the ones from the store, if not better.

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