He’s Refusing To Pay For His Stepdaughter’s Wedding Because She Doesn’t Consider Him To Be Her Father

hreniuca - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this man’s late wife sadly passed away, his sons were just 8 and 4-years-old. Since then, though, he has gotten remarried his current wife– who he has been with for about 11 years now.

His current wife also had a previous marriage– during which she had a daughter. So, when he and his wife tied the knot, they had three children in total– his two sons, who were 13 and 9 at the time, and his stepdaughter, who was 12.

And over the past 11 years, he claimed to have tried everything to forge a relationship with his stepdaughter. He would purchase her gifts, drive her to school, attend her extra-curricular activities, pay for her private school tuition, and try to ensure that she got everything she wanted.

“Not to mention, I worked day and night, so I could give her the lifestyle she deserved,” he explained.

“My wife is a housewife, a choice she made after she voluntarily quit her job in marketing.”

While he tried his best to treat his stepdaughter the same as his sons, though, she still continued to hate him.

Then, once his stepdaughter graduated high school about five years ago, the whole situation came to a head. At that point, his stepdaughter refused to invite him to the ceremony, despite the fact that his son invited his wife– his son’s stepmother.

In fact, his stepdaughter only opted to invite his wife. And when he asked why he couldn’t attend, she claimed he was not her father.

“You’re not my dad, you didn’t raise me, and I don’t want you in my life,” his daughter told him.

hreniuca – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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