Her Stepsister Kept Forgetting To Turn The Stove Off After Cooking And Nearly Burned Their Apartment Down Twice, So She Put Child-Proof Locks On The Stove So Her Stepsister Can No Longer Use It

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This 19-year-old woman currently lives with her stepsister Nicole, who is 20, in a little two-bedroom apartment while they both go to the same college.

She and Nicole have known each other for about 11 years, ever since her dad got married to Nicole’s mother.

So, they have spent a lot of time together over the past decade, and even though they don’t always get along, she claimed that they both consider each other sisters.

That’s why after she and Nicole both got sick and tired of living in college dorms, they decided to just move in together about two months ago.

After taking that leap and becoming roommates, though, she realized there was one major problem with her stepsister.

Apparently, back at home, Nicole never really cooked for herself aside from heating up some microwavable meals. But since they are now living independently, Nicole decided to really try out cooking for the first time.

Whenever her stepsister is done using the oven or stove, though, she often forgets to turn the appliances off afterward. And obviously, that is seriously dangerous.

“At one point, this nearly caused a full-blown house fire when Nicole forgot about the stove while a paper plate of hers had been left on top of it,” she revealed.

So, she kept trying to gently remind her stepsister to turn off the oven and stove after she was done cooking. For whatever reason, though, Nicole just never seemed to listen.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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