I Know Your Pets Are Shedding Right Now, And Here’s How You Can Successfully Remove Their Hair From Your Furniture

Yulianna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

If you have a dog or a cat, it’s a safe bet that you are a victim of shedding pet hair, especially now that spring is here.

Of course, they shed year-round, but right now, in preparation for the warmer weather, your pet’s coat is probably shedding a little extra.

Somehow, the loose fur gets into every conceivable space of your home, such as your couch, carpet, and clothing. As a pet lover, this comes with the territory, unfortunately.

But you don’t have to live with all that pet hair. There are ways to remove hair from the surfaces of your home. Here are some great tips you can incorporate in order to keep the hair at bay.

We’ll start with the upholstery. During shedding season, you’ll want to vacuum your couch and the rest of your home regularly.

To remove pet hair from a couch, use the upholstery tool on your vacuum so you can reach between all the crevices. Afterward, finish up with a sticky lint roller to get all the spots you might have missed.

Next, make sure to clear away all pet hair from your clothes and bedding before washing them. Use a roller to give your laundry a quick cleaning before throwing them in the washing machine. Additionally, white vinegar and fabric softener can help loosen fur from fabric while in the wash.

Another great way to prevent the build-up of pet hair is to groom your pet often. You can buy special tools or take your pet to a professional groomer.

If you decide to take care of it yourself, consult your veterinarian for proper recommendations. Frequent grooming and washing will keep your pet’s coat healthy while reducing the amount that covers your furniture.

Yulianna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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