She Cut Up A $2,100 Prada Jumpsuit To Create Something Unique To Wear For A Runway Show

oksanazahray - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In preparation for fashion week, social media influencer and model Madeleine White (@madeleine_white) did something totally outside the box regarding her outfit. And like everything that deviates from the norm, the internet has mixed reactions to it.

In a video posted to TikTok, Madeleine showed herself cutting up a $2,100 Prada jumpsuit to wear to the Fall/Winter 2023 runway show in Milan.

First, she tried on the brand-new gray jumpsuit, describing it as “very chic” and “very utilitarian.” However, she decided it needed some pizzazz.

While most people would treat a designer garment with extreme caution and care, the model had a different agenda. She grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped the jumpsuit in half, transforming it into a long-sleeved crop top.

Then, she snipped off the jumpsuit’s legs, creating a miniskirt. Last, Madeleine used the pant legs as leg warmers because “we don’t waste in this house.”

She finished off the look with a silver Prada belt, a mesh bra underneath the crop top, and a pair of Mary Janes.

The video has racked up nearly four million views. Many TikTok users loved the final look but questioned whether she might get into some hot water with Prada.

“It looked fab!! But would a designer be annoyed by that? Or love your creativity?” asked one user.

“Were you allowed to do that,” wrote another.

oksanazahray – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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