She’s Convinced That Her Friend Never Invited Her To Be A Bridesmaid Because She’s Not Skinny Enough

nataliakabliuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Being excluded is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when one of your best friends leaves you out of something. 

One woman was convinced she would one day be one of her best friend’s bridesmaids whenever they got engaged. But when the time actually came around, she was left out. 

She’s 22-years-old and has been friends with the bride-to-be since they were kids. At one point, they lived together for several years and have always been super close. That is, until now. 

Throughout their friendship, they would always talk about their future weddings. When talking about what kind of wedding they’d want, they repeatedly mentioned that they’d be each other’s bridesmaids. 

When her friend got engaged, she was so excited—the day had finally come when they could start planning a wedding! She waited patiently for her invitation to be a bridesmaid. Then, she saw something on social media that broke her heart. 

When she logged onto Facebook, she saw pictures of her friend posing with a group of girls.

Her friend included the photos in a post explaining how excited she was to have found her bridesmaids and even asked this group of girls to be in her wedding party with homemade mugs and gifts. 

“She never asked me and didn’t even tell me I wasn’t going to be before posting it,” she explained. 

Despite all the years of planning to be each other’s bridesmaids, her friend didn’t ask her. 

nataliakabliuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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