She’s Not Choosing To Include Her Stepdad Or His Family In Her Wedding, And It’s Causing Major Drama

Elena Kratovich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is figuring out who will fulfill what duties. For example, you have to decide who will walk the bride down the aisle, who the flower girl will be, who will be a bridesmaid, who will make a speech, etc. It’s a lot to figure out!

One woman upset her stepdad after she didn’t give him any father-of-the-bride duties or allow his immediate family members to participate in the wedding. 

Her dad died when she was only 8-years-old. Her mom remarried her stepdad, Michael, three years later. 

She and her siblings like Michael but never really saw him as a father figure in their lives. This made Michael upset from the beginning.

In family therapy, he expressed how disappointed he was that the kids weren’t closer to him or asked him to do fatherly things like teaching them how to drive, giving them advice, fixing things for them, etc. 

“I think Michael is fine, but for me, he has never really graduated past mom’s husband in my heart,” she explained. “I care about him mostly because he makes my mom happy and is so good to her.

She recently got engaged and is getting married in the summer. She and her fiancé want to keep their wedding small and sentimental. There will be a lot of tributes to her late dad at the wedding.

Her uncle, her dad’s brother, will walk her down the aisle, her grandparents will dance with her in place of the father-daughter dance, and her aunt will deliver a speech her father wrote before he died.

When Michael heard that he wouldn’t be fulfilling any of the father-of-the-bride roles at the wedding, he was not happy.

Elena Kratovich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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