Terrariums Are The Next Big Trend In Home Decor, And Here’s Your Guide To Making One For Yourself

Just make sure to keep the soil level low enough so your plants will have room to grow without touching the top of the terrarium container. Also, do not use potting soil with fertilizer in it. Terrarium plants don’t need the extra fertilizer!

Step 4: Add your plants! Before inserting the plants into the soil, plan out the design of your terrarium and pick the spots where you’ll place each plant. Next, use your fingers or a small plastic spoon to dig a hole in the dirt. Then, bury the roots with soil and gently pack the soil down.

Plants that thrive in terrariums include: lucky bamboo, African violet, polka dot plant, nerve plant, prayer plant, creeping fig, and pothos.

Step 5: Decorate the inside of the terrarium with stones, shells, or other items to give your terrarium a pop of color and personality.

Step 6: Water the plants with a spray bottle. This way, they will be damp but not soaking wet. Place your terrarium in a location that receives plenty of filtered sunlight.

Every few weeks, check the soil to see if it’s dry. Terrariums usually retain water longer than most potted houseplants. Remove any yellowing leaves and prune the plants if they’re growing too large for the container.

And finally, take the top off your container at least once a month to increase airflow and avoid condensation.

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