She Went On A First Date With A Guy And He Immediately Started Taking Pictures With Her, But It Only Got Worse After That Point

bongkarn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

First dates are always risky because they can go splendidly or awfully. One woman took a chance and went on a first date with a guy, but unfortunately, luck didn’t go her way that day.

TikTok user Cece (@simooonnneee) is telling all about her worst date ever. The man immediately started taking pictures with her on the first date! And it only went downhill from there.

“I got catfished before, so if this is the worst date of my life, that says a lot,” Cece started the video.

So it all began when Cece’s friend encouraged her to go out with a guy who had recently graduated from school to become a physician’s assistant.

Cece decided to give it a shot. Before meeting up, she informed him that she didn’t like bars, but lo and behold, he took her to a bar anyway.

Then, he was surprised when she wasn’t having a good time. So they headed to another place she knew she would like. After they arrived, he suddenly put his arm around her and began snapping photos of them together.

Cece called him out on it, asserting how weird it was since they didn’t know each other well yet. Immediately, he grew upset.

At that moment, a waiter showed up to take their drink orders. Cece’s go-to drink is a lychee martini; however, her date had trouble choosing something.

When Cece’s drink appeared, he asked for a sip. Reluctantly, Cece agreed. He found it delicious and ended up ordering the same thing. So when his drink came, Cece initiated the old switcharoo.

bongkarn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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