Her Fiancé Is Refusing To Have Alcohol At Their Wedding, But She Thinks It Won’t Be Fun For Anyone Without It

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When planning a wedding, some couples who don’t drink alcohol get stumped on whether or not they should serve it at their reception, how much they should serve, etc. 

One woman and her fiancé recently got into an argument after he insisted that he didn’t want alcohol served at their wedding. 

She and her fiancé are in the middle of planning their upcoming small wedding. She drinks occasionally, but her fiancé doesn’t. He never really explained why he doesn’t drink.

He would just say he didn’t see the “purpose” in doing it. His choice to be sober was never an issue for them, as he never judged her for drinking and still manages to have a good time while sober.

However, this changed when they began planning their wedding. 

Their wedding planner recently stopped by their apartment to review a few things. Then, out of the blue, he told each of them for the first time that he doesn’t want any alcohol served at their wedding.

“When the planner left, I asked my husband why he doesn’t want alcohol there,” she recalled. “He said there was no reason.”

She told him that if there was no specific reason for not serving alcohol, then they should do it anyway. 

Later, he told her that his mother was an alcoholic who’s been sober for nine years and that he didn’t want alcohol at the wedding so she wouldn’t feel triggered. 

VolkovaElena – – illustrative purposes only

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