He’s Fighting With His Sister Over The $250,000 Inheritance He Received Because He Doesn’t Want To Give Her Any Due To The Relationship She Has With Their Stepmom

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It’s always really sad to see families fight or get angry with each other over a will or inheritance after someone has died. Unfortunately, it’s something that causes a lot of drama and pain in many families.

One man is about to enter a legal battle with his sister after he refused to give her a share of their grandparent’s inheritance because of her relationship with their stepmom.

He’s 30-years-old, and his sister Jessica is 28. When he was 5, his mother tragically passed away. Her death strongly impacted all aspects of his life, especially his relationships with his dad and sister.

His dad started dating again about a year after his mom passed away, which he remembers not being happy about. Eventually, his dad married his stepmom, Lucy, which led him to act out frequently as a child.

Whenever he talked to his dad about not liking Lucy, his dad would bring up that being a single parent was hard and that Jessica deserved a mother. Jessica was always okay with having Lucy around.

“My dad even got my maternal grandparents to tell me that everything would be fine and how I needed to be a good boy,” he remembered. 

When Lucy moved into their home and started redecorating, she and his dad took down a lot of pictures of his mom. At some point, it was no longer okay for him to talk about his mom around the house or honor her in the way he really wanted to growing up.

This really disturbed him over the years, while Jessica still seemed alright with all of the changes. She even started calling Lucy ‘mom’ and formed a close relationship with her. 

When he was 8-years-old, his dad wanted Lucy to be able to adopt him and Jessica as her own children. Jessica accepted the adoption, but he refused to have Lucy become his legal parental figure. So, Jessica was adopted by Lucy, and he wasn’t.

ldprod – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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