He Demanded That His Parents Uninvite His Ex-Wife And Her New Husband, Who Is His Ex-Best Friend, From Their Garden Party, Or Else He Would Not Attend - - illustrative purposes only

This 32-year-old man used to be married to his ex-wife, Elle– who is also 32. But, after four years of marriage, their relationship crashed and burned.

Apparently, he and Elle had been experiencing problems in their marriage for a decent amount of time. After she was diagnosed with a medical issue, he claimed she became impatient and testy.

At the same time, both he and his ex were constantly under pressure at work– taking on long hours. Yet, by the end, he actually preferred being at work more than being at home.

“I worked so many hours for us, and honestly, work was a better environment for me,” he recalled.

“I was happier, I didn’t feel criticized, and my coworkers actually liked me.”

But then, during one work party, things went too far. He detailed how after one celebration got “a little out of hand,” he kissed a coworker accidentally.

Now, he claimed to have immediately realized that the kiss was a mistake. So, he pulled back from his coworker after the kiss– which he swore was just half a second long.

Nonetheless, a different coworker wound up telling his wife at the time. And after Elle found out, she kicked him out of the house “with no warning” before filing for separation.

But, he revealed how his ex-wife had not been innocent, either. Apparently, she had been having an emotional affair with his best friend, Silas, behind his back. – – illustrative purposes only

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