In The Summer Of 2007, This Ohio Teen Left Her Uncle’s Pool Party And Vanished While Walking To Her Aunt’s Home

So, Ashley wound up primarily staying at her grandmother’s home. And when her grandmother went to work during the day, she would hang out at other family members’ homes in the area.

That’s why, in the days leading up to Ashley’s disappearance, she had been staying at her uncle Kevin’s home– where many of her cousins frequently hung out.

On July 9, 2007, her uncle even hosted a pool party at his home– which was located near the 2100 block of West 96 Street.

Ashley attended that party, too, and reportedly arrived in more of a somber mood. After she started speaking to her relatives and hopped in the pool, though, attendees recalled how her mood brightened.

Still, Ashley wound up leaving the party early at approximately 6:00 p.m. At that point, she hugged her relatives goodbye and detailed how she planned to walk to her aunt’s home and stay the evening.

Afterward, she left with all of her clothes– but not her cell phone– and started on the 10-minute walk to her aunt’s house.

Now, Ashley did have a cell phone. However, she had gotten into an argument earlier in the day with another one of her uncles. This uncle claimed that he had overheard Ashely gossiping about their family on the phone. So this sparked an argument, and this uncle wound up smashing her cell phone.

This incident, and her broken device, might have explained why Ashley appeared to be in a bad mood at the start of the pool party.

Regardless, she left the residence without any means of communication along her walk to her aunt’s house. And tragically, she never arrived there.

At the time, though, Ashley was reportedly known to go to different family members’ homes to stay the night. That’s why it took two days for Jennifer to realize something was wrong after she had not heard from her daughter.

This prompted her to reach out to Ashley’s uncle Kevin, who revealed how he had not seen the teen since prior to the pool party. Jennifer also knew Ashley was not at her grandmother’s home, which pushed her to start contacting the rest of their relatives.

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