She Caught Her Neighbor Cheating On Her Husband, And Her Doorbell Camera Also Captured Her Neighbor Walking Her Fling Out With No Pants On

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With more homes across the country owning doorbell security cameras, people have been catching incidents that they may have never noticed without the modern technology.

Other than keeping homes safe from intruders, doorbell cameras have been known to catch some crazy things like people stealing packages, dogs running away from neighbors’ yards, and kids getting into trouble.

One woman recently posted on TikTok about how she was able to find her neighbor cheating on her husband through her doorbell camera. Better yet, she posted the actual footage!

The TikTok user who posted the video, Arieana (@arieana_), explains that she saw her neighbor’s husband leaving their apartment and didn’t return for four days. During that time, she saw a man arrive at the apartment with a pack of booze one night around 10:00 PM.

“I thought this man was DoorDash,” she writes in the caption of her video.

Arieana soon learned that the mysterious man was, in fact, not a DoorDash employee when she saw him get invited into the apartment by her neighbor.

There was no movement from the neighbor’s door until 3:00 AM when the camera footage shows the man leaving.

How did Arieana come to the conclusion that her neighbor is cheating on her husband? She escorted the man out of her house with no pants on. Yikes! To make things even more interesting, the husband returned home the next day.

TikTok users in the comments found the video wildly entertaining, and others were dying to know if Arieana had any interactions with her neighbors since discovering the footage and posting it online.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only

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