She Grew Up Privileged In A Wealthy Neighborhood, And She’s Sharing Some Of The Weird Messages About Wealth That She Internalized As A Child

Felix Mizioznikov - - illustrative purposes only

A woman named Madison (@madisonelsewhere) is a fashion and travel content creator on TikTok. She grew up privileged in a wealthy neighborhood, and she’s sharing some of the weird messages about wealth that she internalized as a child.

First of all, rich people really love the brand L.L. Bean, specifically the tote bag of all things. They also pretty much own exclusively Range Rovers, the ultimate high-end SUV.

Then, Madison recalls a time when her mom drove her to a therapy appointment. As Madison’s mom pulled into the parking lot of her therapist’s office, she noted to Madison that her therapist drove a Range Rover, which meant she had “made it,” or in other words, her therapist had succeeded in life.

So, of course, being a young child, Madison thought she would not be successful until she someday owned a Range Rover.

Many rich people tend to be lowkey about displaying their wealth. So another thing they like to do is buy status symbol items, such as purses, watches, or cars, and then never use them.

Madison also talks about what the wealthy community does not approve of. For example, buying items from Louis Vuitton or anything with a logo on it is a big no-no.

Doing so is a sign that indicates that you’re poor.

Next, rich people also never post pictures of themselves skiing or on vacation. In general, participation in social media is frowned upon, besides the occasional blurry photos of your dog or breakfast.

Bringing up where you went to school in conversation was also not appropriate, along with Louboutins with the red soles. But shoes from Jimmy Choo are somehow okay.

Felix Mizioznikov – – illustrative purposes only

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