She Grew Up Privileged In A Wealthy Neighborhood, And She’s Sharing Some Of The Weird Messages About Wealth That She Internalized As A Child

Madison concludes the video by saying that you can subconsciously pick up the beliefs and patterns of the people you spend the most time with.

So if you hang around a lot of wealthy people as Madison did, she’s encouraging you to reflect on your way of thinking and possibly uncover some weird assumptions you might have about the world.

Several TikTok users added to the discussion by chiming in about the ways rich people either flaunt or conceal their wealth in different areas of the country.

“My grandparents were old money, and my grandmother refused to get her nails done because she thought it was pretentious. She did them herself,” shared one user.

“Wealthy people in Miami are the complete opposite,” said another.


I’m nervous to post this because it is a little bit outside of the fashion contest I normally focus on. But I think it is equal parts hilarious and important. I grew up in a rich white neighborhood and learned some pretty hilarious things. These are some of my personal favorite wealth and status symbol opinions that rich white people seem to have. @Kiki@Kiki, author & ex rich persons a lot about old money and has made similar observations. I highly recommend checking her out if you’re interested. richpeorichpeopleareweirdeoldmoneyfashionllvmhtllbeantoteeoldmoneyaestheticfluxuryfashionssstatussymbolnboardingschoolkideoldmoneylifestyleeoldmoneystyleorichpeoplebehaviorg#growinguprich

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