She’s Discussing 3 Ways You Can Appear More Attractive To Someone

Jacob Lund - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Everyone is always looking for new ways to work on self-improvement, especially when it has to do with becoming more attractive.

As you may have heard before, beauty isn’t always about looks. It’s also about having a positive mindset and how you carry yourself.

That type of energy can instantly make you feel and appear more attractive. You may be wondering how to go about doing such a thing. Well, why don’t you Ask Kimberly!

Ask Kimberly (@ask_kimberly) is a relationship and fragrance expert on TikTok who is dedicated to helping women reach their dating and relationship goals.

More specifically, she is a relationship therapist and holds a doctoral degree in psychology. In her video, Kimberly discusses three psychological ways to make someone more attracted to you.

According to Kimberly, the first concept is the trickiest, but it is one she swears by: do not share your accomplishments.

Let someone else do it for you. Basically, what this means is to be humble about your achievements in front of the person you’re trying to impress and let them find out from someone else how accomplished you are. This will make you seem more attractive in their eyes.

“You can even have a designated friend brag about you when you’re not around!” exclaims Kimberly. “It really works.”

The second way to make someone more attracted to you is by applying the “concept of mystery,” as Kimberly calls it.

Jacob Lund – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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