She’s Trying To Make Things Right With Her Son After He Got Angry With Her For Not Upholding A Promise She Made To Him 20 Years Ago

“That was 8 years ago,” she explained. “Since then, he has made great improvements, and I can confidently say he is the biggest reason as to why the ranch is thriving. He also now has a wife and a little girl who live there full-time.”

Jake still visits the ranch every four months but never expressed wanting to live on or manage it.

The other day, while she was having dinner with her family, they started talking about a family struggling to split possessions after their father died without making a will. She made a comment about how she was thankful that she had her affairs in order, and Jake asked what her plan was.

That’s when she explained that part of her plan was to leave the ranch to Carlos. 

“Jake then asked me if I remembered the promise I made to him when he was six,” she said. “I said I did. Then, he asked me why I’m not honoring that promise.”

She thought Jake was kidding, but he was being serious. She told him it was ridiculous of him to assume he’d get the ranch because of what she said almost twenty years ago. 

He left their dinner very upset and hasn’t contacted her or Carlos since. 

Does Jake have the right to be upset over not getting the ranch?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.  

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