She’s Trying To Make Things Right With Her Son After He Got Angry With Her For Not Upholding A Promise She Made To Him 20 Years Ago

Africa Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever said something in passing that someone brought up to you years later?

One woman is trying to make things right with her son as he got angry with her over not upholding a ‘promise’ she made to him 20 years ago.

She has two 30-year-old sons named Jake and Carlos. Jake is her son from a previous relationship, and Carlos is her stepson, who she adopted when she married his dad. 

She owns a ranch about two hours outside of the city they live in. When Jake was a little kid, she’d take him to the ranch weekly.

“In one of these trips to the ranch, I off-handedly promised him that one day, the ranch would be his,” she recalled.

She married Carlos’ dad when the boys were both 6-years-old. After that, she started bringing both of them to the ranch.

By the time they were teenagers, Jake couldn’t spend as much time on the ranch because he had started playing football and was often too busy. 

On the other hand, Carlos continued to go and started showing interest in learning how to run the ranch. He studied engineering and agronomy in college, while Jake studied finance. 

After her sons graduated from college, Carlos asked her if he could live on the ranch, and she gladly said yes. 

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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