This Mom Of 6 Is Breaking Down Her Parenting Hack That She Calls “The Magic Method”

liderina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

Do you have a toddler with a mind of their own? One mom is coming to your aid with a foolproof trick to get your little one to listen.

TikToker Sharon ( is a mother of six kids, and she’s sharing with you what she claims to be the greatest parenting hack of all time. It works like a charm!

“I call it the magic method. Why? Because I have convinced my toddler that she is magic,” said Sharon.

So whenever her daughter doesn’t want to do something, Sharon asks her daughter if she’s magic.

For example, if her daughter doesn’t want to put her pajamas on for bedtime, Sharon will close her eyes, count to five, and say a string of magical-sounding words.

When Sharon opens her eyes, her daughter will have “magically” put on her pajamas.

Once she discovers that her daughter successfully completed the task, she enthusiastically questions how her daughter has managed such a wondrous feat.

This encouragement will get your kid to continue doing it in the future. Sharon also applies the magic method to things like putting a seatbelt on or throwing away garbage in the correct spot.

“I would even change her diaper, closing my eyes. And she would let me do it. We are going on two years now, and I would say that it works like 95 percent of the time,” she said.

liderina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

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