Having Good Manners Is A Skill That’s Important For Leading A Successful Social And Professional Life: Here’s How You Can Teach Proper Manners And Etiquette To Your Child

First, make sure to give them specific instructions. Most of the time, kids don’t realize when their behaviors are not appropriate.

Gently point out what they’re doing wrong and, if possible, demonstrate how to correct it so they know what your expectations are.

You can also briefly explain why manners matter so they understand the reasoning behind it. The more they know, the more likely they will follow your instruction.

Manners are learned through modeling, so in order to teach your child manners, you must display them yourself. Therefore, make a point to engage in polite behavior in your child’s presence.

Good manners also apply to times of stress, frustration, and anger. It’s far too easy to lose your temper and speak impolitely when upset. Do your best to control your temper and issue a proper apology if you do happen to yell.

And last, recognize your child’s progress and efforts. When you see them engaging in good behavior, praise them for it. They won’t become masters at manners overnight. But until they do, keep up with the encouragement.

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