Her Mom Cheated On Her Dad With Her Brother’s Friend, Who Is 19-Years-Old, And It Was A $300 Purchase That Tipped Her Dad Off To The Affair

Since the beans were spilled, however, her mom has run off to live with one of her friends; meanwhile, her dad has been holed up in his bedroom and refuses to leave.

“I bring him meals to his door,” she revealed. “It pains me to see my dad like this.”

And as if her mom having an affair was not bad enough, she thinks it’s way worse that her mom cheated with Will.

Yes, she realizes that since Will is 19-years-old, he is technically an adult who can do whatever he wants.

But quite frankly, it really just freaks her out that her mom would get with Will, who she had known since he was only 7-years-old.

Now, she does have a twin brother at home with her, but he refuses to talk about the whole situation.

So, whenever she mentions it, he will just slam the door in her face and act as though nothing is going on.

And her older brother– who was friends with Will– is taking the news horribly. Ever since finding out about his mom’s affair, her older brother has ignored everybody’s phone calls.

Plus, one of her brother’s hockey teammates from college even reached out to her and filled her in on how her brother has refused to leave his dorm room, attend any of his classes or practices, or even eat.

The teammate also claimed to have called her dad for help. But, it appears that in his depressed state, her dad did not pick up the phone.

So, she’s been left feeling pretty alone and very confused about how to move forward.

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