Her Sister Was Supposed To Watch Her Kids, But Instead She Went Out With Her Friends And Left The Kids Home Alone Overnight

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Have you ever blurted out something in anger and immediately regretted it?

One woman caused more tension in her already troubled relationship with her older sister after telling her she’s glad she is infertile. 

She is the mom of 13-year-old twins and has always had a tough relationship with her older sister, Anne. She and Anne grew up in a very strict household, and Anne would always make fun of her and be mean to her.

For instance, she was born without one of her middle fingers, and Anne would make fun of her for it, calling her “the spawn of Satan.”

“Anne has been a thorn in my side for years,” she explained.

“She’s always been the spoiled child and the family favorite because of her intelligence.”

Despite their relationship, Anne has stayed in her life over the years. As they got older, Anne found out that she was infertile and unable to have any children. She was devastated. 

The day after her sister’s infertility diagnosis, she needed someone to watch her twins, Adam and Ava, while she attended a friend’s wedding overnight. She was with family when she asked her aunt to help and babysit, but Anne offered to do it right away.

Although Anne wasn’t her first choice, she agreed to let her babysit, and Anne watched the twins overnight. 

DragonImages – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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