If You Picked Out A Baby Name That You Can’t Use Anymore Because One Of Your Loved Ones Has, She’s Got A Strategy To Help You Pick A Similar Name That You Will Love

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If you’re a parent or aspire to be one someday, you might’ve had this problem. Let’s say you’ve had a list of a handful of baby names you’ve always loved and would want to name your future child.

Then, out of the blue, a close friend or family member uses that name for their child, and you feel like you can’t use that name anymore. 

When this happens, it can be a total bummer, and you feel like you need to find alternative names for your future baby. 

Thankfully, a TikTok user is helping parents find a name for their baby that has a vibe or energy similar to the one they can’t use anymore.

A woman named Jenn (@nomdebloomnaming) is a TikTok content creator and the owner of Nom de Bloom, a baby naming consulting business. Jenn offers a variety of different kinds of consultations for expecting parents, where she helps them figure out the perfect name for their child.

“Whether it’s just a simple list of names or something more in-depth and personal, Nom de Bloom will curate it in a thoughtful and beautiful manner,” is written on her website. 

On Nom de Bloom’s TikTok page, Jenn started a series called “If/Then,” where she takes an example of a name and lists alternative names that parents can use. Jenn also gives an in-depth analysis of why the names all fit under the same category.

For instance, Jenn recently used the name Margot in her “If/Then” series.

“If you’re going for a name like Margot, there’s part of you that likes a classic, preppy, elegant name, but you’re also interested in something very feminine, romantic, sophisticated [and] a little bit out of the box,” says Jenn in her video.

Jenn also mentions that part of the intrigue of using the name Margot in America is because it’s a foreign, French name.

Valerii Apetroaiei – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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