If You’re Looking For A Non-Toxic, Natural Remedy For Eradicating Weeds From Your Garden, Consider Salt

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Weeds are a gardener’s worst nightmare. They are unwelcome in most gardens and yards, materializing in places where they don’t belong. The mere sight of them causes any gardener to groan in frustration.

Of course, there are chemical sprays and pesticides to combat the spread of weeds, but many of them are harmful to the environment. Plus, frequent use can lead to health problems.

So what can you do about the weeds when the option of herbicides is off the table? We’re introducing a non-toxic, natural remedy for eradicating unwanted weeds. Keep reading to learn more about killing weeds with salt!

Salt is actually very effective for getting rid of weeds. The best part is that it’s super common, affordable, and something you already have an abundance of in your kitchen.

However, salt must be applied carefully to your garden. Too much salt will render your soil unsuitable for growing plants.

And not just any kind of salt will do. Sea salt, rock salt, or Epsom salt will not work as a herbicide. Make sure to only use regular iodized or non-iodized table salt.

The salt works by throwing off the internal water balance of plant cells, which dehydrates the plants.

When applying salt to weeds, always mix it with water. Use a smaller ratio of salt to water if you’ll be administering it to an area with plants you don’t want to kill.

The saltwater mixture should be applied directly to the leaves of the weed. Don’t let it touch the weed’s roots so that you can decrease the risk of the solution spreading to other plants.

mashiki – – illustrative purposes only

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