Is Your Man Suddenly Acting Hot And Cold? Here Are Three Possible Reasons Why

That’s why, sometimes, guys start to pull away from new relationships when they have something else going on inside their personal lives.

As women, we tend to enjoy talking over our issues and garnering support from those closest to us. But think about it: most guys typically deal with challenges much differently.

Rather than turning to a support system, men tend to turn inward– retreating and working things out by themselves instead of letting others in.

In these instances, you are not “the problem.” Instead, you may just be in the backseat as your beau figures out some other stressors or responsibilities.

And while that happens, it’s best to just sit back and do nothing. Don’t try to pry or get involved. Unwanted help or prodding will likely only result in conflict.

That’s why you should just stay put and give your guy the space he needs. In the meantime, you can rest assured that the coldness you’re feeling has nothing to do with you. Then, once he eventually returns, you can both talk things over with a clearer mind.

But, it’s crucial to note that there are still two other reasons why men might pull away.

Primarily, your new guy may just want to slow your relationship roll.

Consider this: at the beginning of forging a relationship, the focus is on sparking a connection and putting your best foot forward. That’s why potential partners often go out on many dates, communicate often, and dig deep to learn more about each other.

At the same time, relationship “milestones,” if you will, start to fly by quickly. You may go from an initial coffee date to meeting each other’s friends, staying at each other’s places, or even taking a weekend getaway together.

That’s all well and good if you’re ready. And in the beginning, all of this romance usually feels magical.

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