She Excitedly Shared A Picture Of Her Boyfriend’s Marriage Proposal On Social Media, And People Are Expressing Differing Opinions Over The Atypical Way He Asked For Her Hand In Marriage

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A woman excitedly shared a picture of her boyfriend’s marriage proposal on social media, and people online are expressing differing opinions over the atypical way he asked for her hand in marriage.

Erica Murphy (@EricaMurphyTV) took to Twitter to announce her engagement but was met with some negative commentary.

“Didn’t realize the way my guy proposed would bring out such strong emotions for folks. Looks like we made the @TheShadeRoom,” she tweeted.

The Shade Room is a pop culture account on Instagram that asked readers if they would be okay with being proposed to in the same way Erica was.

The photo Erica posted was of a diamond ring paired with a torn sheet of lined notebook paper that had the words “Will you marry me?” scribbled onto it. And to top it all off, a lit candle was burning next to the ring box.

“So it’s been an amazing year with my guy. This morning before he left for work, he left this in the bathroom for me to find. I said YES!” Erica captioned the photo.

Erica clarified in a comment that her now-fiancé had flown in from Detroit to Atlanta on the weekend of their one-year anniversary to propose.

Although some Twitter users criticized the simplicity of the proposal, others defended Erica and congratulated her on her engagement.

“I also was proposed to in a note. I told him at least I had it in writing! This was 1970 – before cell phones and social media. We were poor college students, so there wasn’t even a ring to go with the note. This summer, we celebrate 48 years of marriage,” shared one user.

torriphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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