He Overheard His Fiancée Admitting That She’s Settling For Him Since He’s A Nice Guy, So He’s Considering Canceling Their Wedding

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This 29-year-old man admits that his 27-year-old fiancée is so far out of his league that it’s not even funny.

She is a complete 10 out of 10, and not just when it comes to her physical appearance. Her personality is amazing as well, and overall, she’s beyond his wildest dreams.

He never envisioned himself getting to be with such a perfect woman, and he’s still surprised she said yes to marrying him.

He’s always wondered over the years why his fiancée picked him when they’re so clearly mismatched, and he finally got the answer to this question a week ago.

He walked into their house one day, and his fiancée was on the phone with her sister. His fiancée didn’t notice he was home, and he overheard everything she was saying about him.

“The conversation was long but she basically confirmed that she is marrying me because I’m your typical nice guy you settle down with,” he explained.

“She said I adore her, and it’s best to be with someone that puts you on a pedestal. She also basically confirmed that she had much more [of a wild personal life] with the other guys she’s dated. But she’d had her fun, and I was just “fine” in that area.”

Later on that evening, he mentioned to her that he had heard her conversation with her sister before pointing out that he’s worried she’s settling for him.

Sadly, his fiancée didn’t do anything to relieve his concerns. She agreed that she loved him, but she knew early into their relationship she was willing to marry him since he’s just the kind of guy you should marry.

GTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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