On His Fourth Date With A Woman, He Tried To Get Her A Thoughtful Gift, But She Just Called It “Cheap”

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This 38-year-old guy has been on six dates so far with a woman who is three years younger than him.

He says everything between them has been going great, and their dates last several hours or over the course of the weekend.

However, they haven’t talked about being exclusive so far. Right before they went out on their fourth date, she told him she was super stressed out at her job yet was excited to get to see him.

“So I thought I could be sweet and get her a little something before our date,” he explained. “So I figured I could get something ‘relaxing,’ so I got her a set of bath bombs and face masks for around 30 dollars.”

On their date, he gave her the present he picked out and mentioned he knew she was stressed, so he wanted to do something to help her get a little relaxation in.

She said thank you for the gift, but she obviously was not that into the gift at all and hardly said a word on their date after she accepted it.

Then on their fifth date, she finally addressed the present, and what she had to say really bothered him.

“On the next date, she mentioned how she thought the gift was cheap and “not to the standard of products she uses for her skin” (I had no idea about this) and that “it’s clear that you treat yourself well but not others,” he said.

“She also said such a cheap gift made her feel like I thought she wasn’t worth much to me. But apparently, a “40 dollar nice candle would have been fine.” I don’t get it.”

kostikovanata – – illustrative purposes only

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