She Felt Terrible For Her Daughter After Her Friends Ditched Her Post-Prom Slumber Party - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Do you remember what you did after your high school prom? Some teenagers take off and go to the beach, some host a house party, and some opt for a cozy night in with friends. 

One woman felt terrible for her daughter after six girls ditched her post-prom slumber party. 

She has a teenage daughter named Bella, who has been close with a group of three girls for about ten years. It was Bella’s prom night recently, and she and her friends have been planning for weeks what they’ll do.

In the end, she offered to host a post-prom sleepover party for Bella, her three friends, and four more girls. It was supposed to be a fun evening for the girls to close out their memorable night.

“Prom day starts as planned,” she recalled.

“They arrive with overnight things and drive off in two cars. At the end of the dance, everyone says they are heading back to the house as planned.”

Bella and one other friend were the first to arrive at her house. They changed out of their dresses and were in the kitchen with her as they started making snacks. Then, Bella got a phone call from one of the other girls invited and put it on speakerphone.

The other six girls that were supposed to come to the sleepover were on the phone and said they were all going to go “see a movie” before returning to her house and would be back between 1:00-3:00 am. 

Something tells me they planned on doing something other than seeing a movie. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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