She Recently Got Into An Argument With Her Roommate Because She Decided To Stop Telling Her Boyfriend To Put The Toilet Seat Down When He Visits Their Place

Michael-, illustrative purposes only

One of the most common things that men and women will fight about when living under the same roof is men forgetting to put the toilet seat down. 

One young woman recently got into an argument with her roommate because she decided to stop telling her boyfriend to put the toilet seat down.

She’s 23 years old and lives with two other girls in their 20s, Kyla and Brie. They moved into their place five months ago and have been getting along really well. She sees them more as her friends than her roommates.

However, things have changed since she started having an issue with Kyla’s boyfriend, Jack. 

Jack stays at their house multiple times a week, and whenever he uses the bathroom, he always leaves the toilet seat up.

“I’d been silently dealing with it and putting the seat down whenever I noticed he’d left it up, but it came to a head a couple of days ago,” she explained.

A few nights ago, she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She was half-asleep, so she didn’t notice that the toilet seat was left up and sat down on the edges of the cold toilet bowl, almost falling into the water. 

It was an extremely unpleasant experience, one that many women living under the same roof as men have had. But that’s the thing, Jack technically doesn’t live in her house, so she had to say something. 

When she first kindly asked him to remember to put the toilet seat down when he used their bathroom, he got super awkward and embarrassed. He said that he had only grown up with boys, so he has difficulty remembering to put it down.

Michael-, illustrative purposes only

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