She Won’t Go To Her Friend’s Wedding Because Her Friend Is Marrying A Man Who Left His Wife And Kids For Her

kalinichenkod - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many of us have been in the uncomfortable position of not liking one of our best friend’s partners.

One woman refuses to go to her friend’s wedding because she’s marrying a man who left his wife and kids for her. 

She’s 20 years old and has a friend named Kate, who is 19. They’re not incredibly close and have only been friends for two years, but they met through other people and have gotten along very well.

“She seemed really cool, and we shared a lot of interests and morals, or so I thought,” she said.

Not long ago, Kate started telling her and other friends about how she was seeing a guy. She wouldn’t give them many details about her relationship and dodged a few questions, but they were all very supportive and happy for her. 

Then, a couple of days ago, Kate revealed to her and a group of friends over the phone that she was engaged to this man and could no longer avoid not telling them about who he was. 

Kate explained that she met this man through some friends, and they instantly had chemistry. Then, Kate told stories about how she would sneak through his window to see him, and she assumed that was because Kate’s fiancé lived with his parents or roommates.

However, Kate then mentioned that one night the man’s wife caught them together, and that was when he officially decided to leave his wife and kids for her. 

This really upset her, as she’s told Kate in the past how much she hates cheaters.

kalinichenkod – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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