She’s Explaining The 3 Things That She Would Never Tell Her Best Friend

rh2010-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

We all hope to have that ultimate best friend. The one who you can call any time, day or night, to divulge your deepest, darkest secrets.

Your best friend is supposed to be the most supportive person that you know–someone that you can rely on no matter what.

While it’s important that your friend treat you well and be supportive, it’s also important for you to reciprocate those same feelings.

It’s the simple social logic that we all strive for: if you treat them well, they’ll treat you well. In keeping with that practice, TikTok creator Anastazia, @stazzylicious, is explaining the three things that she would never tell her best friend.

The first one has to do with relationships. She says that she would never give her opinion on her best friend’s boyfriend. This is particularly important in the case of a breakup when there is a chance that she might get back together with him.

It’s probably a very wise choice, considering that you don’t want to do anything to harm your own relationship with your best friend and if she were to get back together with her boyfriend that she now knows you hate, things might not go so well for your friendship.

Going along with that decision to get back together with her ex, Anastazia’s next tip is that you can’t tell your best friend what to do. As much as you may wish to control the things that they do, because you don’t want them to get into bad situations, it’s unrealistic to expect that they will listen to you.

That’s not to say, however, that you can’t give your best friend advice on what you think they should do. You just have to be ready for them to be mad at you when you tell them what to do because they are offended that you are bossing them around.

“I’m never going to tell her what she can or can’t do,” she said. “She’s a grown woman; she can make her own decisions. Am I going to advise? Yeah. But is she going to listen? Probably not.”

rh2010-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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