She’s Reenacting All Of The Amusing Things Her Toddler Does, illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Toddlers do and say the wackiest things. They’re the kings and queens of chaos. A TikToker named Lindsey Gurk (@lindseygurk) is reenacting all the amusing stuff her 2-year-old does, and it has many moms jumping to the comments section.

The video starts off with her 2-year-old obnoxiously calling for mom to watch as she accomplishes the remarkable feat of balancing on one foot.

The next scene is of her 2-year-old standing in front of the mirror after brushing her teeth and attempting to sing the song “Shiny” from the movie Moana. However, she didn’t know the lyrics, so she screamed a jumble of random words instead.

Then, the video cuts to Lindsey’s toddler claiming she wants to go outside. In the background, Lindsey’s voice says, “Okay, we can go outside. Just get your shoes on.”

But her toddler responded with, “No, outside!” Lindsey realized that she meant “inside,” not “outside.” So she asked if she wanted to keep doing exactly what they had been doing in the first place. Her toddler responded with a “yes,” like it should’ve been obvious that was what she wanted.

Another scene in the video entails a game of hide and seek. Lindsey closed her eyes to count down the time and give her child a chance to hide.

But when she opened her eyes, her 2-year-old was at her feet, staring up at her with an expression of giddiness.

There are also times when her 2-year-old will randomly lay sprawled across the floor, unmoving. So, of course, Lindsey would ask if she was okay, to which she would respond with an annoyed “Yeah.”

And when it’s time for a bath, her 2-year-old will often oscillate between a bath or a shower but ultimately decide on a popsicle bath., illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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